Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chile & Argentina

Here is a link to my friends blog detailing our three month trek in South America.
Photos include famous stuff like Torres Del Pine, Tierra Del Fuego, and Fitz Roy.

Probably the most memorable bits:
-trekking through lava flows created by the 2011 eruption of Volcan Pueyhue;  40 mph winds filled with ash, visibility was almost nothing, we would stumble to the edge of chasm, gaze down, and have no idea how deep it was:) Had to use GPS/compass to navigate our way.
-living in a tiny hut on a glacier for five days crammed with 12  people, waiting for a storm to pass--

Lots of nice photos on his blog
Snowfall in Tierra Del Fuego
Poking my way across a glacier

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